Vision, Meet Talent

Connecting AtEdge photographers and directors with the industry’s most recognized creative directors, producers and global brands via exclusive Private Virtual Meetings and Face-to-Face events.*

Private Virtual Meetings

AtEdge facilitates virtual one-on-one connections with vetted relevant, senior-level creative decision makers – wherever they are.

Key senior creatives and producers from the most important agencies and companies participate specifically to see innovative, cutting-edge photography, and are excited to meet and talk with AtEdge photographers about their work.

Would You Like to Participate?


*on hold due to Covid-19

Held twice a year in select cities, our Face-to-Face events are open only to AtEdge members.

Photographers and creatives/ producers attend scheduled meetings based on the work they do, plus ample opportunity to mingle throughout the day in a relaxed, intimate environment.

Get a behind the scenes look from past events below.